Options Pro V2.0.5

Options Pro V2.0.5
Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Both Options Pro website themes for Rapidweaver 5+ have just been released.
These new versions are the most configurable Rapidweaver themes on sale today.
Each theme has 57 style types, over 840 style variatons and 120 colourpickers.
No other Rapidweaver theme comes close to these figures.
Each theme costs $25AU and can be purchased at:
You can also download the demos.

Dead Computer

Dead Computer

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Hi all,
It looks as though my old iMac is dead. In September the internal HDD died and was replaced.

Then the Graphics card started acting up and freezing.
It was replaced. When it was tested again the logic/mother board had also gone wrong.

The machine was not worth repairing. So now I am on the look-out
 for one of the new imacs.

It is a pitty that these models do not have an internal DVD burner and a microphone socket.

Also you cannot upgrade their RAM.
My older model had all of these. 
However the new ones have USB3 and Thunderbolt ports, so I cannot complain too much. I will have to purchase an external DVD burner though.

Options Theme V1.1.8 Update

Options Theme V1.1.8 Update
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
Version V1.1.8 of the Rapidweaver Options theme should be released in a week or so.
Some of the menus are being re-designed and this is delaying the release date.
At this point in time the theme has:
Total Style Types: 51
Total ColourPickers: 90
Total Style Variations: 692
Error Fixes:
•    Previously if a border is used and the header and/or footer were attached to the content container the border would also show where the containers touched. This has now been removed.
•    Sidebar Container curves error corrected.
•    Sidebar Header curves error corrected.
•    Curves have now been updated to include menus.
Updates and added features:
•    jQuery Scripts: These have been updated. Ifixpng.js and pngfix.js scripts have also been added
•    Title Effects: Italics, Underline, Rotate Left and Rotate Right have been added, Multiple effects can now be checked
•    Slogan Effects: Italics, Underline, Rotate Left and Rotate Right have been added, Multiple effects can now be checked
•    Payloom: Detailed Description Font Size updated to correctly scale to same size as content font size
•    Shadows: Content Headings, Sidebar Content Headings, Sidebar Header
•    Sidebar header Capitalisation
•    Menu Colours: “Menu Button – Top” and “Menu Button – Bottom” renamed to “Menu Button Active – Top” and “Menu Button Active – Bottom”
•    Border colourpickers for active, ancestor, current and hover buttons and menu
•    Menu Active, ancestor, current and hover Button Effects
•    Photo Album: 3 new colourboxes and 5 new style variations for single photos,
•    Photos Photo Header Shadow, Photo Thumbnails Shadow, Photo Frame Border, Photo Frame Shadow, Thumbnails Align Top.