Customising Your Web-Site

If you decide to hire me to construct a web-site for you I will need some basic guidelines as to how you want to customise your web-site. You can give me these guidelines at any stage of web-site construction, even after all of the information for the web-site has been entered into the web-site design program.

Web-Site Customisation Form

If you want your web-site customised please complete the fields below to send me the changes.
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  • If you require a specific colour theme for your web-site enter the details here.

  • If you require a specific font type or font family (a set of fonts) used in your web-site enter the details here.

  • If you require specific font sizes for specific areas (Title, Slogan, Menu Buttons, Content Sidebar .etc) enter them here.

  • 900 px, 1000px, variable etc.
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    A Content Management System (CMS) allows the user to update their web-site whenever they want.
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    Use the Attachents field to send your logo in.
  • Horizontal Pull Down: Above Header Horizontal Pull Down: Below Header Vert. Indented: Inside Sidebar Vert. Indented: Separated From Sidebar Vert. Pop-Out: Inside Sidebar Vert. Pop-Out: Separated From Sidebar
    Please check where you want your menu to be located.
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    Please check where you want the sidebar to be located.